About Me


I study post-colonial and war narratives inside and out of texts. Major research interests include violent women in fantasy, anti-colonial revolutions and their aftermaths, and the war narrative in the US fitness industry.

Conflict shapes narratives, and narratives in turn shape conflict; the questions are—who is doing the shaping, and how is that shaping us? I have a separate blog, Battlefields, where I consider this in more depth with occasional posts.


I usually write fantasy and science fiction. If you like: cities under occupation, anti-colonial magic, colonial linguistics lite, fire, and queer folks, I’ve got stories for you. You can check them out here.

I’m also working on a flintlock fantasy novel that was a finalist in the Speculative Literature Foundation’s Diverse Worlds/Writers contest. A juror called it “a densely plotted thriller with genuine stakes…a great hook…a depiction of colonialism that’s so insidious…. I love the sense of consequences, large and small, and the complexity of the characters.”


I’m an athlete and personal trainer, interested less in weight loss than in how exercise and fitness shapes a person’s mental health. I especially enjoy tinkering with exercise and gender presentation and making sure I can survive a zombie apocalypse without destroying my knees.

Twitter: @C_L_Clark




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